Climbing Frosh

Climbing Frosh will be a mix of bouldering and top roping in Quebec’s very own Val-David while staying at the lovely MOC House in Prevost. On the first day we will drive up to the House and spend a little time breaking the ice, enjoying breakfast and going over basic climbing skills such as how to tie a figure 8 knot and how to properly put on a harness (it’s harder than you think). We will then head out to Val-David where one group will head towards Mont King to spend the rest of the day top roping while the other group will spend their day exploring the beautiful boulders of Les Dames and Les Hommes. When we are finished we will head back to the house for dinner and rest up. The next day the groups will be reversed. When we return to the house, we’ll have an epic dinner and night with biking frosh to share stories and stoke for outdoor frosh. On the last day froshies will be able to choose what they want to do, a prime chance to settle and projects that they have not yet surmounted.

The top rope routes on Mont King in “The Staircase”; 5.6-5.10